Yoooooo. What’s good! It’s Drew. I’m the face behind the page. I cook, clean (because you can’t cook in a dirty kitchen fam), photograph, design, and write everything you see on the site.

After reading articles, watching videos, doing research, etc., I felt like committing to a plant-based lifestyle was the best move for me and I don’t regret it.

It wasn’t all that easy because I wasn’t big on cooking anything outside of Hamburger Helper type shxt. But in an effort to save money (like any penny pinchin negro) I felt like I could make the meals if I bought the ingredients myself. And that’s the start of my cooking journey described in like two sentences.

Ima be real. I know that in reality “vegan ain’t for everyone” but I want to drop that stigma about it being “too hard” or “difficult.”

True enough, it takes effort and discipline but like anything else you just gotta be persistent ya bish.

I have a passion for the health and wellness of black people because I feel like our habits can be improved and I wanna do my part to contribute. I write about experiences and information I’ve learned and gained to encourage and inspire as many as I can reach.

You can contact me with any questions, comments, concerns, etc. at contact@veganshxt.com.

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