Get Yo Mind Right

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When I was in elementary school they had this wall full of quotes. One of them was “If you tried your best you won.”

That’s straight bullshxt.

But one of the others was “Attitude is everything.”

It’s crazy how something that sounds so simple can really be overlooked by so many people.

I’m not a bible thumper but I do remember this verse: Proverbs 18:21, “Life and death is in the power of the tongue.”

It don’t matter who you are, what you believe in, or how you choose to operate in life. If you don’t pay attention to the words you use, you’ll find yourself wondering how you got into situations and be clueless as to how it happened.

A self-fulfilling prophecy is defined as this “the socio-psychological phenomenon of someone “predicting” or expecting something, and this “prediction” or expectation comes true simply because one believes it will, and their resulting behaviors align to fulfill those beliefs. This suggests peoples’ beliefs influence their actions.” – Wikipedia.

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In a previous post I mentioned that I hadn’t been sick in 10 years and that 50% of that was my attitude.

To be honest, it’s probably more like 70%. Because at the time when I started saying this I wasn’t vegan by any means. I was just getting to college.

But what I used to do was always say “I don’t get sick,” or “I’m not sick.” It’s ironic how you cough or sneeze a couple times and immediately people are quick to speak things on you like “Oh you’re getting sick,” or “you must be sick.” I always snapped back with a rebuttal because I’m not accepting the energy that person is trying to put on me.

Regardless of your belief system the universal concept that we all must comprehend is the power of our words. This is closely related to the Law of Attraction. You can and will do whatever you believe. Whether that be in a negative way or a positive way.

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So Drew, how the fxck does this relate to my health?

Because your thoughts, words, and attitude also effect your health just as much as what you put inside your body.

Everything works in harmony. You want to put the cleanest fuel as possible inside yourself but you also want to make sure you have your mind right as well. One of the first things people say when I mention vegan is “Oh I can’t do that I like “blah blah” too much.

The idea and possibility of it is killed right there with their own words and thoughts. Like I said, it seems very casual and simple but a statement like that has so much power.

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So regardless of whether you want to go plant-based or not. You need to ensure that you’re exercising the right principles in your life when it comes to your thoughts, attitude, and words. Make an effort to only speak what you want and desire and not speak the opposite out of discouragement or frustration. It may not be an easy habit to break at first but the more you work at it you will succeed.

Success! You’re part of the community.

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