Vegan = Healthy?

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You know the stigma. You finally transitioned to vegan and you feel accomplished. You’ve now instantly become healthy. Right?

In general, yes. You are probably going to feel a lot better, have more energy, and feel overall healthier than your past self. If not, then I don’t know what to tell ya shawty.

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But for real. Just because you’ve given up animal products don’t mean it’s okay to just eat anything labeled as vegan.

You still have to be health conscious and pay attention to what you consume. This is why I harp on reading labels and paying attention to ingredients.

There’s plenty of food, snacks, etc out there that are “vegan” but damn sure ain’t conducive to your health. For example: Oreos. Yeah Oreos. I used to eat Oreos all the time and especially Double Stuf because who don’t want double the icing. That’s the best fxckin part.

Little did my adolescent self know that I was eating a “vegan” snack. But is that really a “healthy” vegan snack?

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Ain’t nothin good about consuming mad amounts of Oreos. Nothin at all. But it’s somethin to keep in mind in case you’re at a function and you didn’t eat first. So you’re lookin for what you can scavenge on til you get home to your safe place. (True story).

But moving on…a lot of the processed, packaged vegan food still may not be the best thing for you. It’s still, in essence, an emphasis on “fast food.” Just make something quick and be on about your day. There’s no TLC in that brah.

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Part of the reason I cook is because I know that I’m putting time and effort into this meal and it makes me enjoy it more. I select all the ingredients, substitutes, etc. and make sure that it’s done proper and SEASONED. Because we all know ain’t shxt worse than unseasoned food.

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Trust me. You’ll appreciate food more when you take your own time and make it. It’ll raise your standards for what you even want to put in your body.

I can’t tell you how many times I’ve had a wack ass burger and thought “I can make some shxt better than this at the house.” My patience for restaurants and their “vegan/vegetarian” options has gotten a lot thinner because I know I can make something with more variety or just taste better period. No city girls.

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Moral of the story:

1) Read labels. Just because something is vegan doesn’t automatically make it healthy for you.

2) Try to cook more. It will make you appreciate food and allows you to control what you put into your body on a daily basis.

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