Soy ain’t Shxt!

One of the first things explored by a person moving away from eating meat and other animal products is soy. Soy comes in a variety of forms such as soybean oil, tofu, soymilk, soy protein, etc.

It’s easy access like the neighborhood fire hydrant (you thought i was finna say hoe — cuz you nasty) it’s no wonder why a person wouldn’t be inclined to try something made out of soy. If the FDA says it’s good then it’s good.

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It’s crazy right. Imagine giving up cow’s milk and start using soy milk as a replacement. Using tofu as an alternative to all your dishes made with meat. Then you get sick and start to experience symptoms that are a product of hormonal imbalances through soy consumption.

You go to the doctor and they ask you what do you eat, and when you say “soy” the look on their face says it all.

Now you feeling like LL Cool J when he found out Omar Epps was a cop.

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Soy is abnormally high in estrogen, is thyroid suppressing (which causes weight gain), blocks mineral absorption, and makes it difficult to digest protein.

For a more in depth look on the dangers of soy click here.

Here is also a clip of Dr. Sebi speaking on why soy isn’t good for you.

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